Jaggo Hire

Jaggo Packages available-

$35 for 1 Jumbo Jaggo (lights up) + Traditional Phulkari Jaggo stick with Bell on top. 


$65 for 2 Jumbo Jaggo (lights up) + 2 Traditional Phulkari Jaggo stick with Bell on top. 

Terms & Conditions-

*** There is a BOND on top of the hire price of $50. You will get a refund of the difference when you drop off the Jaggo Set.

*** If there is any damage the BOND is non-refundable.

*** If cancellation needs to be made, you need to notify us before 48 hours of the hire date for a full refund including the BOND. If cancellation is made within 48 hours of the hire date, the BOND is non-refundable.

How to book?

Please call us on 0416315973 to make a booking for Jaggo Set.